Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Husbands Actor Anay looks like Shahid Kapoor??

There is a new movie "Happy Husbands"whose promos are on air already.The movie features actor "Anay"in the lead who is also the Director & Writer of the movie.Incidently,Anay is looking very similar to our own Shahid Kapoor.

Infact his mannerisms,his expressions,body language is exactly like the Hot Bollywood Actor Shahid.Check his pose in this poster and find out yourself.

           "Happy Husbands" is produced by "Suresh Sharma".under the banner of Phenomenal Crafts Ltd. Banner.Interestingly,Anay has also given music in the movie,has sung songs,given Background score,written Dialogues,done Screenplay and has also penned lyrics for the movie.This All in One is also Co-editor of the movie.The songs of the movie are romantic and people are already downloading it considering Love is in the Air this Valentine.

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  1. ive just seen this movie, and i would like to say it was apauling, the movie had a rubbish story, the actors cudnt act.... the songs were awfull, i think anay shud be shot dead,and every1 who dare thinks he looks like gawjus shaid kapoor.... should also be hanged till death... plzzzz dont waste our time with crap movies...!! kind regard